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Arrowstar Resources Ltd.

On January 16, 2013, Arrowstar announced that it has staked an additional 21 claims adjacent to and continuous with its Port Snettisham, Alaska iron ore claim block (49 claims). The additional 21 claims adjoin the present claim block to the east and south in an area potentially extending an area of magnetic highs indicated during the Company's geophysical surveys conducted this past summer. The new claim block expands the Company's project area by about 43%.



Picture of the tenement from North to South. The second inlet (where the old pier is) is where gold mining was conducted in 1908.

The beach area to the south of the tenement, where magnetite bearing pyroxene outcrop forms a black band at the forest level.

The magnetite bearing pyroxene mineralisation is highly magnetic and extends for 2000m along the foreshore.

The amount of outcrop along the shoreline is quite significant and probably continues out to sea.

The size of the pyroxene/magnetite bearing boulders is very large, weighing up to 10 tonnes each.

In parts of the outcrop, large boulders of aplite (white mineral - feldspar and quartz) appears with crystalline magnetite and apatite (green mineral - found often with magnetite (eg. Kiruna)

Seaplane is the easiest way to access the property from Juneau.

A rare example of crystallised magnetite in the Pyroxenite.

To the north the diorite host rock contacts with a metamorphosed phyllite, and the magnetic field from the magnetite stops.

View of the magnetite/pyroxenite at low water tide.

A large block of highly magnetic magnetite outcrop on the foreshore.

This outcrop of diorite/pyroxenite with a quartz/aplite vein was located about 200 metres inshore.

A large piece of aplite (quartz feldspar) with a magnetite inclusion. The KT-10 Plus magnetic susceptibility meter is in the lower foreground.

The forest is reasonably dense close to the shoreline, but thins out further as you ascend to 1500 feet above sea level.

Phil Thomas, Director and VP Exploration

Shipping lanes are very open and deep - ideal for Panama vessels to transport iron ore.