Mission Statement


Arrowstar Resources intends to develop, construct and operate plants, based on its proprietary new thermolysis depolymerisation technology that enables recycling of used vehicle tyres and technical rubber.

This technology provides for used tyres to be 99% converted to carbon black, oil, gas and steel all of which are saleable whilst the other 1% representing the fabric would be disposed of as waste.

Whilst the plant payback period is less than 5 years, a key advantage is the environmentally sound disposal that represents a large saving in landfill costs and space. In Germany, the objective will be to achieve an initial recycling rate of 24,000 tonnes of scrapped tyres per year representing less than 4% of the scrap tyres generated every year in Germany.

The project has a number of tangible competitive advantages:

  • It recovers valuable products and energy from waste rubber;
  • It is a greener, high technology solution, completing the processing in less than 15 minutes;
  • It alleviates constraints on land filling scrap tyres and burning tyres in cement kilns;
  • It helps meet recycling targets of car manufacturers and others;
  • It reduces greenhouse gas production and helps to meet greenhouse reduction targets;
  • It has none of the operational difficulties and negative impacts of incineration.

The three key advantages of the RFT Process are:

  • Low energy approach, no need to remove the steel first;
  • Continuous process (not batch); and
  • No emissions, just textile waste, minor usage of catalytic metal in the process.